'A tropical garden of peace and tranquility'
Nestled among sloping hills, and surrounded by lush tropical foliage and Rose Myrtle trees, Sim Valley Spa is our haven within a haven - the only sound you will hear in this oasis of calm will be the murmuring of a nearby brook and the hypnotic chirping of a cicadas. It is the ideal environment for our guests to realign Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our expertly trained in-house masseuses are versed in ancient techniques of Vietnamese refexology as well as modern massage and wellnewss treatment and various beauty therapies that will leave guests utterly revitalized and rejuvenated. For the ultimate pampering experience, request a package or devise your own customized treatment after relaxing in our sauna. Happily ensconced in this tropical garden of peace and tranquility, the Sim Valley Spa is where guests will discover the true meaning of serenity.
Three private cottages surrounded and fused seamlessly with all with the unspoiled beauty of our green paradise. Better yet, escape the limits of time, surrender to our discretion and allow us to tailor a program or package that is unique to you. 

You will discover the harmony of body, mind and spirit. Our massages are based on evolving technique of ancient Asian Reflexology, Thai Massage and rejuvenation therapies. Whatever the treatment you choose, you will feel completely revitalized and glowing form within.

Sim Valley Spa at Green Bay Phu Quoc offers the most exclusive treatments, techniques and ingredients inspired by cutting edge wellbeing and employing nature's fresh bounty with exquisite oils and lush fragrances. Indulge mind and body in a heartfelt and surprisingly unique Phu Quoc luxury spa experience.
From USD 179 /Room/Night